Livid Instruments Puremagnetik Bundle

Whilst working at Livid Instruments I took some time to look at some sample libraries from Puremagnetik. There is a huge range from Puremagnetik ranging from sound libraries relating to digital or analogue synths, drums and percussion, keyboards and pianos, glitch effects, guitars and bass, film and soundscapes, vocals, and Ableton Live effects racks. In this video I explore Puremagnetik and show what’s possible by producing some original music using only their sound libraries!


Livid DS1 & Sound Design with Massive

One of my all time favourite synthesiser is Massive by Native Instruments. During my time at Livid Instruments I looked at how the Livid DS1 MIDI controller could best be used along side a synthesiser. Together with Massive, the DS1 makes a very practical solution to controlling a synth. In this video I look at how to best use the DS1 to control Massive and make the whole creative process much easier.


Isotonik Base First Look

In 2014 I worked for Livid Instruments and in this video I teamed up with UK based company Isotonik Studios to review this Max for Live DJ template. This template is designed to work with the Livid Base and has a world of functions to play with.

Isotonik Studio have an impressive product line and I encourage you to to explore what they have to offer. They have Max for Live templates for DJ performance, synth controls and visuals for live performance.

In this video I explore a specific DJ template with the Livid Base.


Livid Instruments DS1 MIDI Mixer

In 2014 I worked at Livid Instruments and one of the controllers I spent the most time with was the DS1. The DS1 is a general MIDI controller. The controller is designed and built in the US and is of very high build quality. What I like most about this controller is how flexible it is to use. I have used many MIDI controllers over the last few years and they all tend to be designed for specific software. However the DS1 connects via USB and can be used with any software provided it supports MIDI.

Livid Instruments MIDI Controllers

Livid Instruments are a music technology company based in Austin, TX USA. I was lucky enough to work there in 2014 and during that time I was working along side the engineers there on Livid’s MIDI controllers. Livid make MIDI controllers that aren’t specific to any particular Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). This means that their controllers can be programmed to work with most software provided a script is installed. In these videos I show the steps of setting up their controllers with the most commonly used music production applications. The controllers I am working with in these videos are the Base, DS1, CNTRL:R and Alias 8.